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We often receive complimentary messages from UK and overseas visitors, so here's where we can show you some selected messages and 'visitors rides'.
March 2010 Mikael Björk contacted us about his planned trip from Sweden to the UK for the ESRA Euro Nationals.

Mikael says: "My Rod is a 1933 Ford Tudor, all through original steel, engine is a Chevy 350 340hp and TH350 with shift kit. Boxed original frame and the front end is 4 inch drop tube axle and a Ford 9" in the rear, disc brakes on all four. Interior is grey leather - has power windows, floor shifter and tilt steering column."
August 2008 Skeet Creekmore's '36 Coupe (USA)

Philip, I was introduced to your site a few minutes ago and am truly impressed by your beautiful rides - especially the two '36 Ford coupes. I am a little partial to them. I need to tell you though, and hope that you don't take offense, that some of your cars have their steering wheels mounted in the passengers area. May want to get that fixed.

Glad to see that rodding is alive and well across the waters. I am interested in what types of cars you have and shows and cruises you involve yourselves in ... I enjoyed reading about your club and community. I may just show up for supper one meeting night. Have a great day.
Skeet Creekmore
I am attaching a couple of pictures of my little '36 3-window coupe in case someone might enjoy looking at it. 400 small block Chevy engine - double hump heads, warm cam, dual plane Edelbrock intake, Edelbrock 650 carb, 350 Turbo tranny with a 2300 stall, shaved doors and trunk, filled cowl vent and roof, custom molded running boards to accommodate rear fenders that have been widened 2 1/2 inches each to avoid having to tub the trunk. Oldsmobile rear end (much larger axles - don't want to twist them off coming out of the hole), electric trunk, tweed & leather custom sculptured interior, big, state of the art sound system, independent front end, rack & pinion power steering, bigs and littles, teardrop tail lights and lots more - hope you like it - lots of fun to drive.
Dennis Campbell (Australia)

Phil recently spent a day taking Dennis and his partner around some local garages, after Dennis got in touch through the web site. They were in Bristol for the birth of their grandson, and being a rodding couple wanted to see what was going on locally.

Dennis says "Attached is a photo of my little duece tourer.. I have owned it for 18 years and it has had two rebuilds".

Hope you enjoyed your visit Dennis!
An update from Dennis, Oct '08: Hi Guys I am finally back home and settled down. And a number one task was to say thank you for your hospitality while in the UK. I have raved about my experiences and what you have done for me and Lynn. It shows that hot rodders are the same the world over, which is way cool. We had a great time in the UK despite the summer weather (which really didn't stop us from doing anything) ...

... after being home for a few days our little tourer got a quick detail and off to Valla Park. This is the site of a long standing hot rod tradition on the east coast of Australia. It is a run that I started in 1977 as a long weekend run half way between Sydney and Brisbane with 72 rods. The run has now grown to a week long run with rods turning up a week before and leaving a week after. This year they had 370 entrants and 90 something rookies (first time a vehicle has attended the Valla Rod Run). Activities are arranged for every day culminating in a huge theme party/dance on Friday Night and a street parade and show on the Saturday morning. The main street of the Nambucca Heads is blocked off, with cars lined up four deep for about half a mile - all in all a sensational run.

Anyway guys, I just wanted to keep in touch and say thanks.
Read about Dennis' Bristol Garage Crawl here..
From Simon Pickford
December 2008
  Simon writes "Just looking around on Hot Rod websites and found Bristol Hotrods. The name Merv Barnett showed up, well I used to own XFB 9T having purchased it from Chris Boyle in the early 80's, painted it red, carried out various mods and it ended up looking like this."
The saga members amongst us will remember the centre page spread in Custom Car and as Simon says (that sounds like a good title for a song) "she was very fit!" If you can't remember the edition go into Magoo's garage and a copy is spread on his wall. The car now resides up north in the hands of Mick Tebbs, but except for the number plate, is barely recognisable as the same roadster.
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