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A selection of cars - in no particular order - that currently carry the Bristol Hotrods badge.

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Bristol Hotrods cars

55 at Shakey
Russ Price's '55 Chevy

Phil Mitchell's '37 Coupe

Ivor Knapp's Austin


Bob Wellstead's '36 Roadster

Carl Frith's '34 Ford

Steve Couzen's Austin Devon

Paul Quick's 'T'

Andy House's 1936 Roadster

Rich Roberts' Model A

Dr. Bob Jefferies' '49 Chevy pick-up

Dave Brock's roadster
Dave Brock's Roadster

Bartlett Wren's '40 Ford pickup

Neil and Carole Thomas' '32 Roadster
Mike Taylor's Willys

Jerry Dennings Roadster

John Hall's 1949 Austin Devon

Mark & Sue Coghlan's '32

Duncan and Marg Boulton's Model 'A' Sedan

Steve Welch's A55 van
Dr. Bob Jefferies' '32
Bob Wellstead's '36 Ford

Colin Bennett's 1952 Fordson

Reg Hucker's 1948 Dorset

Ade Wells' '32 5-window

Pete Moore's Ford Popular 'Ute'

'Nervous Nick's' Austin Gasser

Andy House's 1936 Ford

Pete Gale's Roadster

John & Lesley Cable's Fordson

John Gay's Roadster

Phil Thomas' '32 3-window

Craig House's Ford Anglia

Ian Walker's '29 A Sedan


Jeff Clements' T-bucket

Neil Harmsworth's Ford Pop

Ryan Welch's '48 Chevy Panel Van

Nigel Hibberd's 1936 Vauxhall
Colin Holbrook's 1928 Model A
Howard Thomas' F100 Pickup

Ian Thomas' Ford Pop

Ivor's V8 trike

Simon Gillam's Sedan Delivery

Lee Couzen's Ford Pop


Moved on...

Bristol cars that have now moved on to new owners..


Phil Mitchell's '32 Ford
Nick Barnett's Pickup

Spencer Wallace's Deuce can now been seen regularly around Devon
Ryan Couzen's Model Y is still in Bristol, but with a new owner
Bob Wellstead's '40 Ford Pickup is now in Scotland

Sean Gay's '46 Chevy Pickup moved down to the Southampton area

Ade Wells' Oldsmobile is now being enjoyed by a new owner

Colin Fox's '34 Ford Coupe has a new home in the Channel Islands


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